Eufy and Rhea

“…the joy in life doesn’t usually come in long stretches for hours at a time, mo...
“…the joy in life doesn’t usually come in long stretches for hours at a time, mo…
October 22, 2015
Eufy and Rhea
Eufy and Rhea
October 26, 2015
VA086 - VA San Diego Studio - Davao Wedding Photographer

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I’m sure we are all familiar with the song “Somewhere down the Road”. It’s an all time classic song that tells a one great story of loss and love. Now I can’t help but be reminded of that song because of our wonderful couple, Eufy and Rhea who have known each other since pre-school, teased as lovebirds since elementary and had a special young love for each other during their 2nd year high school but eventually lived separate lives after their short lived relationship. Unexpectedly after a few years, they saw each other in college, and Eufy kept pursuing Rhea to get back together but failed. They had been to different relationships but found the presence of each other’s company again, after college graduation. Both single that time, they rekindled their friendship, they became close again and after some time Rhea finally gave in, and gave Eufy the second chance he had been waiting for the past 7 years. Because all those times, Eufy had always love Rhea and a love like that definitely deserves a chance. Guess you can hear the music playing now.. ‘Somewhere down the road, our roads are gonna cross again, it doesn’t really matter when.” And they have been together ever since that one fateful day when Rhea confidently gave their love a chance. 4 years of love and togetherness. But that doesn’t mean it was all easy, for a time they were in a long distance relationship and it was hard for the couple being away and spending special days of their lives thousand miles apart from each other. March of this year, Rhea came home from Dubai to celebrate hers and Eufy’s birthday and instantly felt they should be together and felt the need to stay and fulfill their plans for their future. Hence the engagement! And then comes their wedding. After all, their 7 years of waiting and almost 6 years in a relationship had proven their great love for each other. So on their wonderful wedding day with soft palettes of pink and green, with lovely blooms and sweet melodies, they were blessed to be wed before their families and friends who are all too happy for their love. And everything was captured through the lenses of the talented team of VA San Diego Studio who masterfully know so well how to charm its viewers from each angle, each detail, each emotion, everything captured so well. To Eufy and Rhea, for belonging together and spending a lifetime of adventures together!