“A new adventure begins” | Brine and Maggie

“Let’s fly away…” | Tope and Ciene
“Let’s fly away…” | Tope and Ciene
January 5, 2016
“A new adventure begins” | Brine and Maggie
“A new adventure begins” | Brine and Maggie
January 7, 2016
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Brine and Maggie Love is meant to be an adventure. And for Brine and Maggie, their love certainly is. They knew that meeting each other was the start of an exciting experience, clueless that it will bring them towards where they are meant to be – to forever!

Our charming sweethearts are law school classmates and they finished studying on the same year 2011. Brine was always interested with Maggie way back law school days. He admired her good sense of humor and was smitten by her strict appearance. Maggie in turn like the free spirited Brine. They became closer during bar review due to constant companionship. A great adventure was about to begin, as they were officially a couple on the year 2012.

Evidently they are compatible, they both love pets particularly dogs, they both love to travel, while Maggie loves the beach, Brine is constantly enchanted with caves. To travel with the love of your life by your side is truly awesome and for Brine and Maggie a new adventure is always welcome!

On February 2015, a sweet and simple engagement happened. Brine’s proposal was not extraordinary nor extravagant but it was definitely heartfelt, he asked Maggie to be his lifetime partner over dinner, no over the top preparations, just a pure expression of his love and affection for her. Two engagement rings were worn by Maggie, one from Brine and the other one from Brine’s mom, symbolizing full acceptance of Maggie and their relationship. Maggie’s family warmly welcomed Brine’s as well. The couple and their families were very excited for the wedding. After 3 years of being sweethearts, on December 18, 2015 at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish, Brine and Maggie became Mr. and Mrs. with the church’s blessing and witnessed by their families and friends. The couple chose a December wedding because the month is festive and filled with holiday cheer, they both can enjoy a long and relaxing vacation. Brine and Maggie’s special day was masterfully recorded by VA San Diego Studio, who passionately captured the beauty and wonder of love and commitment, resulting to artistic and excellent keepsakes that the couple can enjoy.

To Brine and Maggie, being married maybe a challenging adventure but as long as your partners, it will always always be a wonderful one.