Turning 18

“18th birthday is indeed a unique and remarkable birthday in a young person’s life, since it marks a transition into adulthood as well as independence.”

A lot can happen after your 18th birthday - it’s the one on which many cultures bestow young people with most of the rights they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

The age of adulthood; the coming of age for young women who excitedly looks forward to many wonderful blessings and opportunities that will come her way.

VA San Diego Creative Studio celebrates with the debutants and their families who lovingly and graciously guide them in this new chapter of their lives. Treasured occasions such as these should not just be a memory, it must be captured by Best Davao Birthday Photographer, for years to come. More than just point-and-shoot. There must be care. There must be detail to attention. After all, this is only once in a lifetime.

VA San Diego Creative Studio understands the value of expressed feelings that should be captured in photos. I aim to have photographs show the same feeling as in the event. We would definitely seize the moment for you to enjoy for years to come.

July 28, 2015
vas0053 - VA San Diego Studio - Davao Wedding Photographer

Angeli a decade and eight

This very charming debutant only wished to spend her special day with the special people in her lives, truly, families are like branches in a tree that grow in different directions yet their roots remain as one. Angel grew wonderfully with her outgoing and bubbly personality, confidence in character and passion for dancing, truly she is heaven sent, a beautiful blessing to her family. She really took to heart the value of family and togetherness, and with that, you can see her turning into a beautiful and confident woman that she dreams to become. And so on her heartwarming and cheerful birthday celebration, along with the happy faces of her family and friends and the beautiful blossoms, Angel bloomed lovelier into a lady.