Henzel & Gintherese “The Proposal”

Alain and Donnah Prenup AVP
Alain and Donnah Prenup AVP
May 14, 2015
June 10, 2015
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“When you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start immediately.” That’s a famous line from the movie, When Harry Met Sally. And this line remain true for Henzel, a man whose unique plan can make him spend the rest of his days with Gin, his sweetheart. Henzel and I need to meet secretly to discuss about “The Proposal” and obviously to leave Gin clueless. She was definitely in for a splendid surprise.Because who would have thought that a wall clock can hold meanings and memories? Maybe for Gin, Henzel’s anniversary gift was just an ordinary clock that tells time, which marked their 1st year together. But to Henzel it was clearly so much more, aside from personally and painstakingly crafting it, the clock signifies their 12-month of strong and happy relationship as shown by their photographs together. But most especially it was soon to become a symbol of a new beginning because it keeps the ring that will make Gin say yes to forever with Henzel. And the fateful day came showing just how determined and sure Henzel was with marrying the woman who is more than anything he can ever wish for.

VA San Diego Team was honored to be part of that blissful moment, elaborately capturing a very captivating proposal, one that is true and heartfelt and considering every shot to this beautiful story witnessed by the happy faces of family and friends. Any man can propose but it takes a really sweet man to propose this way. To Henzel and Gin whose ever after is set next year, cheers to your lifetime of adventures together.

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