Ron and Cha

Kevin and Arbeth
August 25, 2015
On going shoot today, baby Francesca at 6 days old :) #newbornphotographer #baby...
On going shoot today, baby Francesca at 6 days old :) #newbornphotographer #baby…
September 3, 2015

To love and be loved in return is the greatest feeling in the world, perhaps unattainable for some but for the few fortunate couples who have experienced such happiness, like Ron and Cha, there is nothing more fulfilling than to love the one who truly loves you. Ron and Cha, had the pleasure of meeting each other in the year 2013 when their friends set them up, pairing them to become lovebirds and indeed, that was the sweet start of something special. Who would have thought that an Obstetrician-Gynecologist and a Businessman would have come this far from an arrangement made by friends? Love indeed moves in mysterious ways as what was once a simple set up beautifully resulted to an endearing engagement months after they became a couple. And to officially make them as one, the couple had their sacred matrimony witnessed by their families and friends, who joined in their happiness and shared their love as they eagerly said their I DOs.

As music, colors and cheers were present on their special day so as the VA San Diego Team who always strive to deliver what every couple envisions during their wedding day, to showcase the relevant details, to provide the best angles and to capture the overflowing love and cheer during the special day. Special thanks to Ron and Cha who have meaningfully mentioned and appreciated my team’s artistry. Couples like you just made us love our craft even more. To Ron and Cha, have a blissful married life.


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