Alain & Donnah

vas0668 copy - VA San Diego Studio - Davao Wedding Photographer
Yong and Sheng
May 15, 2015
vas1573 copy - VA San Diego Studio - Davao Wedding Photographer
Jeff and Bev
June 20, 2015
VAL5337 copy - VA San Diego Studio - Davao Wedding Photographer

Alain and I decided very early on when planning for our wedding that the photography was to be a huge priority, and it was really important to us because we know that these memories should be lasting and must be captured perfectly by a professional artist. Then we found you, team Val Adonis San Diego. And you really did not let us down. We cannot begin to thank you for all the work, time and sincerity you put into our wedding photographs and videos.You did not only provide us with stunning photos, but your professionalism and attention to details were absolutely outstanding.Working with your team was truly a pleasant experience.
The engagement session was unforgettable– it felt like a dream. And upon waking up, seeing those amazing photos in Saranggani, we’s real after all.We also had a great time during the wedding and your team has captured every single moment for us. Without doubt , team VA San Diego, you are the difference that makes a difference. All the guests have commented on how good you were, and now that they’ve seen the SDE and Onsite photos, they are even more impressed.
I loved the way VA San Diego works as a team. They are always energetic and smiling, ready to help and would even go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. They have a way that would help ease the tension, and take away the shyness. As a bride like me who is not used to being photographed, team VA San Diego has given me confidence to smile it away and just feel beautiful.
Sir Val is definitely a top class photographer and his team is more than excellent. Again, a massive THANK You to VA San Diego team!! We love you guys!