Keith and Sheryl

VAS1684 copy - VA San Diego Studio - Davao Wedding Photographer
Raymond and Mimi
September 17, 2015
testimony - VA San Diego Studio - Davao Wedding Photographer

Val and his team at VA San Diego Studio are hands down the best professional shutterbugs I’ve had the pleasure of working with. These guys are like the “Lito Sy” and “Cesars” of our generation, Their talent and creativity just spelled the difference in immortalizing immaculate photos of our wedding. The team’s genial personalities and enthusiasm made me, the missus, and the guests at ease the whole time they were capturing those moments, which we can enjoy and relive through their superb photos. Further, countless number of families and guests complimented us on the photos and videos shown during the reception.We are truly fortunate that they were able to be a part of our wedding, looking forward to seeing you in our next family event.