Ron and Pinky

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Chris and Q
June 20, 2015
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Raymond and Mimi
September 17, 2015
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We cannot express the happiness you guys have brought to us.Thank you for being our wedding photographer.You helped us create a beautiful wedding that we will always remember…And thank you for being part of our special day..I highly recommend VA San Diego Studio to be part of your occasion,they’re work of art are really awesome ,fantastic and very creative.

Many Thanks❤️

Mr & Mrs Kurth

My wife and i recently got our pre-nuptial photos and wedding ceremony photos and video taken with Va San Diego Studio,and i simply cannot say enough good things about our experience.Val and his crews are extremely professional and knowledgeable about their work and took some outstanding photos and video of our wedding.Val is a very friendly and personable individual and his fun spirit shows in his photography.His relaxed attitude and creativity allowed us to work with him in creating the very best poses.I think this is the most important thing that sets Val and his crews apart from other photographers.He allows ur personal preference and creativity to combine with his vision,and this makes the experience of working with Val much better than many photographers.
Thank you Va San Diego Studio….
Ronald Wayne Kurth
Maersk line Limited
Cosis team Japan